24. - 25.7 2015 Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre || 16.00 - 02.00
26.7.2015 Lasipalatsi || 14.00 - 22.00
26.7.2015 The Circus || 21.00 - 04.00
We recommend you to arrive early in order to avoid the big queues at the entrance.


Tickets can be purchased at Lippupalvelu, Lippupiste and Tiketti.
Ticket prices:


1 day ticket (FRI / SAT): 65 EUR
2 day ticket (FRI & SAT): 99 EUR
2 day VIP ticket (FRI & SAT): 155 EUR


3 day ticket (FRI-SUN): 117 EUR


1 päivän lippu (SU): 31  EUR
A booking fee of 3,50€ will be added to the cost of all tickets.


Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Messuaukio 1, 00521 Helsinki 
Lasipalatsin Square, 00100 Helsinki 
The Circus, Salomonkatu 1-3, 00100 Helsinki


The Exhibition Centre is located in the East Pasila district of Helsinki just a few minute walk Pasila train station.

Trams 7A, 7B and 9 stop in front of the southern entrance of the Exhibition Centre. Buses 506 and 69 stop right in front of the Centre. The closest stop for the lines 504 and 505 is located at the Pasila train station.

All the long distance and commuter trains sop at Pasila train station, 300 metres from the Exhibition Centre. The duration of the train from downtown Helsinki, the Central Railway Station to Pasila is only 5 minutes.

The distance from the Helsinki Airport is 13 kilometres. The most convenient way to the Exhibition Centre is by taxi which takes around 15 minutes. You can also take bus 615 to the Central Railway Station and a train from there. A taxi stand is located in front of the Exhibition Centre's southern entrance.

You can arrive by car, the Exhibition Centre has a parking lot with 2000 spaces. However, to avoid traffic jams we recommend you use public transportation whenever possible.

Map to the Exhibition Centre can be found here. The most convenient and easiest way to get to the Lasipalatsi Square and The Circus is by walking from the Kamppi metro station.


The entrance to the festival is located at the main entrance of the Exhibition Centre. The tickets are exchanges into bracelets at the door so you can leave the area during the festival, if you wish. There is a cloakroom for bags and excess clothing at the entrance. The cloakroom fee is 2,50€.

At the door there is a security check. It is prohibited to being any glass, sharp or other dangerous objects, illegal substances or alcohol to the premises. The security personnel have the right to deny entry if the quest appears highly intoxicated or threatening.


The age limit to the Exhibition Centre and The Circus is 18 years.
The event at Lasipalatsi Square is open for all ages.


The festival area has several serving area so it is forbidden to bring your own alcohol into the premises. It is also forbidden to bring any kind of bottles and cans, even plastic ones. For the hungry festival crowd there is a versatile food serving area where you can up your energy levels.


Camera phones are permitted and uploading photos and videos online is both permitted and encouraged! Professional camera and video cameras are not permitted.


The Exhibition Centre and the whole festival area is accessible by wheelchair. Also toilets for guests with disabilities are located at the Centre.


At a large festival the right level of security is needed to make it a great experience for everyone. By following these instructions you ensure that the festival is a smooth experience for both you and everyone else. Always follow the advice of the organizers and the security personnel.

The age limit to the event at the Exhibition Centre and The Circus is 18 years. Remember to have a government issued ID (identity card or passport) or a driver's license with you and be prepared to present it when asked. When arriving and leaving the venue remember to mind the locals living nearby and avoid littering. When everyone is left happy the event can be organized in the forthcoming years as well! Bring cash with you to make buying drinks and food faster. There is an ATM located inside the festival area. Take good care of your friends.

Please note that the festival production uses strobe and smoke effects which may cause epileptic seizures for some individuals.


At the entrance you will need to present a valid ticket. The tickets have a unique code which grants you entry. Buy tickets from official sellers only (Tiketti, Lippupalvelu or Lippupiste) to ensure your ticket is genuine. It is your responsibility to make sure that your ticket is valid.

The tickets are exchanged for personal wrist bands at the entrance gate. With a wrist band you can come and go as you please. Swapping bracelets with another person is not permitted. The bracelets are designed in a way that they cannot be removed without breaking it. A broken bracelet will not grant entry to the festival, so take good care of your bracelet.

The ticket sale and bracelet exchange closes at 01:00 during each festival day so remember to arrive early enough. After the ticket sales point you have the opportunity to leave your belongings at the cloakroom before the security check. The cloakroom fee is 2,50€ and 1€ for each revisit.


At the gates the security personnel conduct a security check for everyone making sure that no prohibited items or substances, such as alcohol, drugs, bottles or dangerous items are taken into the premises. Bringing your own drinks and/or food to the festival is also forbidden. The security personnel have the right to deny entry from a person that does not comply with the security check.

All items made from glass are forbidden inside the festival area including alcohol, baby food cans, water bottles and all empty bottles. Also all plastic bottles are forbidden. All harmful items and substances are forbidden. This includes firearms, knives, explosives, fireworks ad torches. Camping chairs and other items that can cause a risk of tripping or in other ways hamper the passage ways are forbidden excluding wheelchairs for the guests that need to use one. Bringing long umbrellas to the premises is forbidden as they may act as a visual barrier and due to other security reasons. All harmful items can be confiscated and will be destroyed meaning that they will not be held for you or returned.
Laser pointers and other similar items are forbidden as they can be harmful for your eyes.

All drug abuse will be reported straight to the police. You entry to the festival can be denied if you carry any illegal substances in the security check. Summer Sound can also deny entry if a customer is highly intoxicated, aggressive or in any way abusive towards the festival staff or other festival guests.

CROWD SURFING and SITTING ON ANOTHER PERSONSN SHOULDERS are strictly forbidden as they limit the visibility of other guests and are a security risk.


All lost and found items will be taken to the Festival Info.


At the festival area, especially near the stages one should use earplugs or other protective apparel. There are earplugs on sale at the festival area.


Unauthorized recording of the performances is forbidden by the Finnish copyright law (§2 and 45). Bringing any professional cameras, video cameras and recording devices into the festival area is forbidden. Security personnel have the right to deny entry for a person that carries forbidden equipment or confiscate such equipment if necessary. Recording with pocket cameras and mobile phones is permitted. Cameras and recording devices can be left in the cloakroom before the security check.


The parking garage of the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre has space for 1000 cars. To get to the festival area you must walk from the outside. When leaving the parking be prepared to be stopped for a breathalyser by the local police.


The Red Cross will provide first aid services at the festival area. The service is available for the whole duration of the festival and is located at the eastern entrance right next to the security check. You can always ask for help from the security personnel if first aid is needed and you will either be guided to the first aid service or, if needed, the first aid personnel will come to the person in need.


Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas. Smoking is forbidden in all the indoor areas of the festival.


Festival contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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